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Retainers for Life

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Retainers for Life


Why do you wear retainers for life?

Teeth can gradually shift as a natural response over a lifetime. Retainers in Temple, Texas, are meant to keep teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. To keep your smile beautiful, you need to be wearing your retainers a minimum of 10 hours a day. It is just as important to wear them every night to reduce shifting.

Because our orthodontist and team here at Smile At The World are so committed on keeping your smile beautiful, here is what we have put together for you:

For $680 you can get up to four (4) retainers per year and two (2) repairs/replacements of bonded retainers, with a co-payment of $25 per clear retainer/office visit. The cost of one replacement retainer is normally $250.

To sign up for Retainers for Life Please give us a call at (254) 774-8028. Dr. Knowles will be happy to help you completely understand this offer and any other questions you have about your orthodontic care.

*Copays are a fraction of the cost of regular retainer replacement.
*Maximum of (4) clear retainers per year.
*Maximum of (2) bonded retainer appointments per year.
*Copays and standard retainer fees are subject to change.

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